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®Hazelwood's Greenhouses and Nursery ®and Hazelwood's Nursery trademark and copyright by John Hazelwood

925 23rd St. N.
Pell City, AL 35125

(205) 338-3952

Hours: Mon - Sat 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Some reviews from Gardens.com...

✬✬✬✬✬ On Jun 10, 2013: msopal wrote:
I love going to Hazelwood Nursery. They have a huge supply of mixed kinds of healthy plants, reasonable prices and a helpful, knowledgeable staff to help you with your particular plant search.

Not Rated On Nov 15, 2012: Granbre wrote:
Always find healthy plants at good prices! Helpful staff.

✬✬✬✬✬ On Feb 12, 2008: onetruebob wrote:
I live in CA and needed to purchase a birthday present for my Mother who lives in Pell City. The person on the phone was helpful and was able to process the purchase over the phone with my credit card! Thank you!

✬✬✬✬✬ On Dec 29, 2007: Lily_love from Central, AL wrote:
Excellent service, knowledgeable staffs, healthy wonderful plants. Great resource for our community.

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