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Winter is the season when your gardening is devoted mostly to your houseplants. In this entry on houseplants, let’s talk about watering:


Most plants perish from overwatering than from under watering. Wet soil crowds out the oxygen need by the roots and the roots cannot support the leaves without oxygen. Even plants that require a lot of water will die if the soil is soggy wet. Here are some guidelines:

* Plants in small pots will require more frequent watering than plants in larger pots.

* If your home is arid (caused sometimes by the heating system), then you will need to water more often.

* Water your plants enough that it reaches to the bottom of the pot. It is better to water well once a week than to water more shallowly more frequently. The trick in a thorough watering is that water should drain and seep from the hole at the bottom of the pot.

* Use unsoftened water on plants.

* Some plants grow in water (water lilies), some in soil or water (Chinese evergreen), but no plant which is grown in soil will thrive if you let its roots stand in water.

* Some plants need constant humidity. Using a sprayer to mist the plant once or twice daily is the way to keep those plants looking good.

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